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About Us

15 years in business

Started in the Netherlands we were founded as a hosting company. Grown into a multinational and diverse team. Supported by a large team of developers.

The biggest VPN seller company

We are proud of the stunning growth that we have seen over the last years. Doing what we love, we continue to dedicate ourselves to help our customers.

Founding of VPN selling

Perry started in 2005 a hosting company called Hostingking focused on helping businesses by hosting their website and severs. 

  • 01 Introducing our VPN to the world

    3 years ago is when we started expanding into the VPN market. We saw the huge growth and need to keep the internet open and safe to use for people. This key trend and focus is still with us today.

  • The company has technology in its DNA and focus on building operational excellence. With the growth however it was time to expand expertise for our customers and their growth. This is why Nick joined to lead this effort. 

  • The world is changing and the VPN market is expected to continue grow significantly. We will anticipate and invest into adapting and evolving our service to match the way the market wants to buy.




Walter White

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Jhonson

Product Manager

William Anderson

AlfoVPN Accountant

Amanda Jepson



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